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Visa Information

  • Guidelines for Obtaining a Visa

    International moving takes a degree of foresight that exceeds what domestic moves typically require. One of the requirements for moving abroad is obtaining a visa. A visa is a document or stamp that a country grants a traveler that states when, why, and for how long someone...

  • The Different Types of Visas

    Chances are you know all about work visas and student visas, but what about asylum visas? Cultural exchange visas? In the world of visas there are many different types you may obtain, all of which allow you to reside in another country for a restricted period of time....

  • How to Get a Work Visa

    Among the many reasons to relocate overseas, moving for work is always on that list. Whether you already have a job in your new home, or you'll need to find a job once you're there, you'll likely need to get a work visa. Keep reading for tips and information on how to get a work visa...

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