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Moving To Panama?

Call International Sea & Air Shipping if you are moving to Panama from the USA.

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Moving to Panama from the United States

Make your international move between Panama and USA a smooth and tension free affair with International Sea & Air Shipping. We, as an experienced international mover can deliver your regular household belongings to special items safely with same level of sincerity and professionalism.

When Moving to Panama

To make your transition compact, quick and stress free an international moving specialist is assigned for the clients. This expert takes care of the moving criteria in order to make the services as seamless as possible. These include:
  • When you are shifting to Panama?
  • How long you intend to stay in Panama?
  • What is your preferred mode of shipping for your belonging, sea or air?

The Cost of Moving to Panama

Moving cost in international relocation can vary from place to place and also depending on the cubic footage of your shipment. That is why depending on the volume of your shipment and the distance between the places you are relocating to or from Panama and the U.S. your moving cost can increase or decrease.

To get the exact moving estimation, therefore, it is necessary that you appoint a site inspector who can give you the accurate estimate regarding the cubic footage of your shipment after observing your home and belongings. This will further spur the international moving company to give you the right cost estimate for your move.

About Panama

Located at the most southern part of Central America, Panama connects the South and North America. The Global Competitive Index, part of the World Economic Forum, indicates that Panama ranks 7th in being the most competitive economy within the Latin America.

Panama is ranked 118th worldwide on the basis of land size and Panama ranked 54th in the world in terms of the Human Development Index in 2010. Panama’s bordering countries are Colombia and Costa Rica. Panama has mixed race from Africa, Germany, Portugal and Italy.

Panama is ranked 4th in the Human Development Index among other Latin American countries in 2010. This country also has the distinction of having the largest rainforest in Western Hemisphere apart from Amazon Basin. This rainforest is home to some of the species of tropical plants and animals that are rare in other parts of the world.

Panama is the fourth largest economy in Central America and the largest free trade zone in the Western Hemisphere. Panama economy growth is supported by exportation of coffee and other agricultural products. The leading trade partners are Greece, US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and China.

Custom Regulations for Panama:
  • Residence Visa (or letter from Registered Lawyer and copy of petition for Residence Visa, if Customer does not have one)
  • Work Permit (or certificate from attorney)
  • Passport (original)
  • Certificate of Change of Residence
  • Letter confirming employment
  • Detailed inventory (English or Spanish)
  • Household goods and personal effects duty-free for:
    • Foreigners with Residence Visa
    • Panamanians returning after two years abroad
  • Shipments must arrive within six months of Customer
  • All shipments inspected
  • Customs inspection, Customs charges and Customs Broker's charges all payable by Customer at time of clearance
  • Additional charges incurred for storage or customs delays will be for Customer's account
  • New items, alcohol, jewelry, coins
  • Foodstuff and plants
  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Straw or hay packing in lift-vans
  • Firearms, weapons and ammunition
  • High duty payable by customer at approximately 27%-30% of CIF value
  • Customer and broker must process documentation and pay duties. Customs clearance process is lengthy and demurrage is likely.
  • Documents required:
    • Title
    • Original Passport
    • Bill of Sale
    • Original Certificate of Ownership
    • Pollution Certificate
  • Certificate of Health and Rabies Vaccination required
  • 30 day quarantine period required
NOTE - Customs regulations are subject to change at any time. The proceeding information is a brief summary of customs regulations applicable to household goods shipments to this destination and is being provided for general guidance to assist our Agents and customers. Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, International Sea & Air Shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Always double check with your local embassy or consulate.

Call our International Moving Specialists @ 1-866-788-1090


Motto : For the benefit of the world
Capital : Panama City
National Anthem : "Himno Istmeño "("Hymn of the Isthmus")


Location : Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Colombia and Costa Rica
Area : Total : 75,420 sq km

Land : 74,340 sq km
Water : 1,080 sq km

Climate : Tropical maritime; hot, humid, cloudy; prolonged rainy season (May to January), short dry season (January to May)


Nationality : Panamanian(s)
Population : 3,460,462 (July 2011 est.)
Major Cities : PANAMA CITY (capital) 1.346 million (2009)
Languages : Spanish (official), English 14%


GDP : $44.82 billion (2010 est.)
Exchange Rates : Balboas (PAB) per US dollar - 1 (2010), 1 (2009), 1 (2008), 1 (2007), 1 (2006)


Airports : 118 (2010)
Roadways : Total : 11,978 km
Waterways : 800 km
Ports & Terminals : Balboa, Colon, Cristobal


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