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Moving to Grenada from the U.S.

Moving to Grenada? At International Sea & Air Shipping, we provide you with top moving services that match your unique requirements. With us you can get top shipping services to ship your household goods to Grenada and our moving experts are always present at hand to guide you in efficiently managing your international move.

When Moving to Grenada

With our specialist advice expertly handle all the moving issues that may appear along the way of moving to Grenada such as:
  • When you are shifting to Grenada?
  • When should your shipment arrive and at what port or air port?
  • Amount of household goods and personal effects to move to Grenada? Does this include a vehicle?

The Cost of Moving to Grenada

Grenada is relatively closer to the American mainland so the time required for shipping may not be huge. The cost of shipping your household goods is mainly calculated based on cubic footage of your goods. Your cubic foot goods volume is directly related to cost - grater the volume of goods the higher the cost of shipping.

Get in touch with our moving specialists to check out your site and to properly evaluate your belongings and receive a highly accurate estimated cubic feet cost for your house hold goods.

About Grenada

Grenada “Island of Spice” is an island country that consists of six smaller islands including Grenada. It lies at the southern end of the Grenadines chain in the southeastern part of Caribbean Sea.

As a part of commonwealth realm queen Elizabeth II is the queen of Grenada and head of state with crown represented by Governor-General. Appointed by the Governor-General, the Prime Minister is usually the leader of the largest party in the Parliament.

The island of Grenada is the largest island in Grenadines. Grenada’s neighbors include Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Other Grenadines islands in the vicinity are Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Ronde Island, Caille Island, Diamond Island, Large Island, Saline Island, and Frigate Island.

The economy of Grenada is heavily reliant on tourism and is the main driving force to its economy. Grenada is a major producer and exporter of several different spices and is the 2nd largest producer of nutmeg after Indonesia. Trading partners of Grenada are Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, and Italy.

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Motto : Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, and Advance as One People
Capital : Saint George's
National Anthem : "Hail Grenada"


Location : Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago
Area : Total : 344 sq km

Land : 344 sq km
Water : N/A

Climate : Tropical; tempered by northeast trade winds


Nationality : Grenadian(s)
Population : 108,419 (July 2011 est.)
Major Cities : SAINT GEORGE'S (capital) 40,000 (2009)
Languages : English (official), French patois


GDP : $1.127 billion (2010 est.)
Exchange Rates : East Caribbean dollars (XCD) per US dollar - 2.7 (2007), 2.7 (2006), 2.7 (2005), 2.7 (2004), 2.7 (2003)


Airports : 3 (2010)
Roadways : Total : 1,127 km
Waterways : N/A
Ports & Terminals : Saint George's


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